The NHL is on its way back, and the District of Columbia couldn't be more pleased. It's not just because Caps fans are itching to see the team back on the ice, it's because each missed game cost the city about $200,000 per game. 

According to the office of D.C. Chief Financial Officer Natwar Gandhi, the NHL lockout cost D.C. around $200,000 each game due to the cost of tickets, merchandise, concessions, etc. Here are more details courtesy of Gandhi spokesman David Umansky:

Our folks estimated that the NHL lockout is costing about $200K in foregone sales tax revenue per game and would cost about $10 million for the entire season. As previously noted, there is no way for us to isolate NHL-generated sales tax collections from monthly sales tax collections. These estimates are based on average ticket prices, an assumption about likely spending by a typical NHL game attendee and that each game would fill the arena to capacity.

If you add that up, it means D.C. has missed out on about $6.4 million due to missed games so far. Ouch.

[via DCist]