Look we're gonna be totally honest. Xenosaga and Xenoblade Chronicles are two of our favorite games. Like. Ever.

When this morning's Nintendo Wii U Direct broadcast brought us footage of what can safely be assumed was a new Xeno title for the Wii U...well geek out activate. Nintendo and Monolithsoft are working on something for the Wii U and mama wants.

This is the same team that brought Xenoblade Chronicles to the Wii, and considering that this whole teaser is filled with mechs, motorcycles that turn into mechs, and mechs fighting dinosaurs, we're pretty confident that this is a new Xeno something or other. What really got us nerding out was the fact that all of this looks like it may be taking place in a very large and very open world, with parties battling pre-historic skyscraper sized monsters.

Kunihiko Tanaka will be heading up character design once again, Tetsuya Takahashi is the executive director, and Hiroyuki Sawano will be scoring this epic. Watch the trailer for yourself and see if all of your lady parts don't go a quivering.