There are cameras, and then there is Samsung's new NX300. The recently revealed snap-and-shoot is a photog's dream come true: quick shutter speed, 2D and 3D (yes, 3D!) capture, and Wi-Fi connectivity. 

As Mashable reports:

The NX300 has a big APS-CMOS sensor capable of capturing images up to 20.3 megapixels. To help in low light, the ISO rating can go as high as 25,600, and a new hybrid autofocus system is said to lock onto targets faster. Shutter speed can be as quick as 1/6,000 of a second, and with continuous shooting engaged, you can snap nine pics in every one of those seconds ... [The Wi-Fi's] main purpose is to connect to a phone or tablet. With your mobile device running the Samsung Smart Camera app, you can relay photos directly and automatically. The app can also act as a remote viewfinder, letting you snap pics without touching the camera

Outfitted in a retro design, the NX300, which will be the flagship for Samsung's NX mirrorless camera line, won't come cheap. The company plans to release the NX300 in March for $749.99, and it will come equipped with a 20-50mm lens. As for the 45mm/f1.8 lens that shoots 3D? That will retail for $599.99.

[via Mashable]