With all of the soul food spots in Harlem, how would you make yours stand out from the pack? Easy: Create a specialty store, or in this case, a vegan soul food restaurant. The team of Chef Brenda Breener and her son Aaron have secured enough funds through Kickstarter to open Seasoned Vegan next month. The "super-strict" establishment will serve 100 percent vegan soul food.

Though the restaurant will adhere to strict vegan principles, Breener says the term "soul food" should be interpreted "loosely." "For us, soul food is any meal prepared by a chef who not only includes flavorful ingredients but also infuses tender love and care. With that as a founding theme, Seasoned Vegan gives typical Italian, Asian, Middle Eastern, Caribbean and American dishes a vegan, home cooked, soulful twist," she explains.

Head over to 55 Saint Nicholas Avenue on Feb. 23 to see, or rather taste, for yourself.

[via Gothamist]