Chiptunes are the perfect soundtrack for any time you want to get that nostalgic tug in the back of your mind without actually digging out your old NES. We like to put on some retro-sounding video game music whenever we're jumping on turtles or mowing down pedestrians in a fire truck. You know, everyday stuff for us gamers.


So the latest release from Gamechops, James Primate's "Mega Quad Videogame Music Bundle," is a must-have—especially for the price of whatever-you-feel-like-paying. You can even download it for free, you cheap motherfuckers.

It contains the chiptunes soundtracks to four indie games: Abrickadabra, Junk Jack, Tangled, and LiquidSketch. Just put the whole thing on shuffle and go about your day—it'll put a spring in your step to rival Mario's.