A Kickstarter project that needs your help is being produced by a team of Philadelphia based developers. Meet Artizens.

The online co-op action game draws inspiration from such classics as Shadow of the Colossus, Monster Hunter, and Magic: The Gathering. We're also getting a healthy dose of Dungeons & Dragons in here as well. Artizens promises many things, but what they want to impress upon you most is the unprecedented level of customization available in the game.

Each piece of player created gear will be visible on your character, and players can create and import their own gear with their own unique properties. On top of the equipment customization, there is the ability to create your character to look any way you can imagine. The developers promise that no two characters will look alike.

Want a steam-punk owl that has a predilection for flannel and crossbows? Done. How about a lazy genie with a limp? Sure you can have that.

This all looks insanely promising. Check out the video and head over to their Artizens Kickstarter page to view more development footage If you're so inclined, donate to the cause. Watch the video and let us know what you think.