What Your Son Will Say: These memoirs will be out of print by then, so your son will have no reference point.
What We Say: Sure, Gabby Douglas and Justin Bieber are easy targets here, as they were both published memoir writers before they could legally vote, but let's take it a step further. These days, as soon as you sniff fame or receive your creative non-fiction degree from Columbia, it's apparently time to write a tell-all book about yourself. While we disagree with the crusty assertion that so often comes from writing teachers that all young people know how to write about these days is themselves, we certainly aren't doing much to prove them wrong.

Perspective isn't something gained by a week's worth of reflection on events. If you're thinking of writing a personal memoir, go ahead and read the reflections of full lives, whether it be Ulysses S. Grant or Tina Fey. Then, think long and hard about whether or not a firsthand account of your trials and tribulations in the college theatre scene is worthy of publication. You probably know the answer already.