Gallery Girls was so awful that you have to wonder what Bravo was smoking when they picked the show up, just so you know to never try it yourself.

Unlike most shows where the protagonists are terrible, love-to-hate-them people, the girls on this show were so beyond unlikeable that it was enraging. Take a group of New York women who all seem to fit a different stereotype of pretentious city girls, have them talk about their #firstworldproblems a lot, add in a weird and pointless Manhattan vs. Brooklyn rivalry that doesn’t exist in the real world unless you live outside of the five boroughs and/or have seen tons of Gossip Girl episodes. There, you've got Gallery Girls

See? Enraging, right? The only remedy was to change the channel, which people did, because the series was thankfully canceled at the conclusion of its first season. Note to Bravo: We do not need another reality series about entitled rich people unless it includes them stabbing each other with their $600 stilettos while double-fisting flutes of Dom. We'd totally watch that.