When Kevin Smith began his directing career in the early ‘90s with the original Clerks, he was seen as a fresh indie filmmaker that could turn a movie on a shoestring budget into big business. However, as Smith has evolved into a more mainstream talent over the years, the box office returns on his movies have shrunk. Films like Zack and Miri Make a Porno, Cop Out, and Red State all failed to deliver both commercially and critically. And after that string of flops, Smith has openly stated that his retirement from the movie business was on the horizon.

His last film was supposed to be a decade-spanning hockey flick called Hit Somebody, but after the news came that it would be turned into a six-hour miniseries instead, Smith then tweeted the surprising news that Clerks III might be his last movie.

Smith actually has talked about Clerks III in the past, and if he is telling the truth about it here, this would be a great way to bookend his career. He has said previously that Clerks was a look at Dante and Randall in their 20's, Clerks II would be them in their 30's, and Clerks III would revolve around them in their 40's. And while it sounds like a great way to end their saga, and his career in general, we wouldn't expect the movie to hit theaters for another three or four years at least. 

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[Twitter via The Playlist]