If you're worried that EA and Visceral Games have taken all the scares out of Dead Space 3 in favor of co-op shooter action, well, you may be right. But Dead Space 3 does look surprisingly terrifying in this latest trailer.

At least the co-op is optional—for those who want a more action-oriented experience and less scares, it's there, and the necromorphs and other monstrosities will be just as gruesome and unsettling.

And, as this trailer highlights, those who prefer the more solitary experience of crapping your pants in single player will still be able to do that too.

Either way, Dead Space 3 is sure to be a harrowing experience—Isaac even drops the f-bomb in this trailer! Cover your children's ears. In fact, don't let them watch this at all. It's nightmare city!

Are you worried about Dead Space 3, or do you like the direction the series is headed?