Sewer workers in Warren, MI came across two "precisely cut" cubes of human flesh inside of a drain pipe. This is the second time that cubes of flesh have been discovered in the past four months, which has forced authorities to believe that this could be the work of a serial killer. 

According to the Detroit Free Press, the two pieces of flesh were each about four inches square and will be analyzed by the Macomb County Medical Examiner. The DNA for this flesh will be compared to that of body parts found in a different part of the same sewer in August.

Police say they have "no idea" whose the flesh belongs to, but did say it belonged to an "unidentified obese white female." Detective Mel Nearing says that the flesh is almost an exact match in appearance to the 10 pieces found in the same sewer five miles away. Those pieces had a tattoo, and police have released an image of the tattooed flesh hoping that someone will recognize the design.

[via Chicagoist]