Stars: Elijah Wood, Jason Gann, Fiona Gubelmann

One of these days, the dark FX comedy Wilfred will receive its just due. Perennially underrated since its June 2011 debut, the delightfully twisted series—about the disturbed companionship between a troubled guy named Ryan (Elijah Wood) and big neighbor's dog (Jason Gann), the latter manifested in Ryan's warped mind as a dude in a raggedy canine suit—balances psychological complexities with hilarious raunch, a delicate tonal marriage that's not easy to execute and deserves its props.

Leading man Wood's acting throughout the 13-episode season maintained Ryan's standing as one of TV's most fascinating characters, the mentally tormented straight-man to Gann's showy, outlandish wisecracker. Together, they're the closest thing present-day television has to the chemistry of The Odd Couple.