What lengths would you go for some new Twitter followers? How about paying someone to have your handle tattooed on them? That is exactly what TechCrunch writer Drew Olanoff is doing, but it's all for a good cause. In an effort to raise money towards childhood cancer research, Olanoff will give the allow the person with the highest bid to have their handle etched on the 33-year-old's skin.

In 2009, Olanoff did the same thing and the winning bid went to Melanie Mitchell, who got her handle tatted on the writer's arm (above image). The inspiration for such an initiative comes from a four-year-old girl named Alex Scott, who sadly died of cancer in 2004. While battling neuroblastoma, Alex decided to raise money for cancer research by selling lemonade. "This time, the money goes right to Alex's Lemonade Stand," Olanoff writes. "Even if you don't want to hop into a battle for real-estate on my body in tattoo form, every little bit counts."

[via CNET]