U.S. Representative Zoe Lofgren knows a good idea when he sees it. After Barack Obama visited Reddit to answer user questions and subsequently effected the company's servers with its massive amount of traffic, Lofgren realized an opportunity in getting people involved in something much bigger, like thinking up and debating new legislative ideas.

According to The Hill’s Hillicon Valley blog: “Lofgren wants to craft a bill that would stop the government from shutting down a website accused of copyright violations until the owners are given notice and a chance to defend themselves.”

Through the smog of Internet trolling, there is something valuable to obtain from such a method and hopefully, a unique and rare opportunity doesn't fall by the wayside. Many times we complain that we have no say in how the government is run or that people don't actually listen to our needs or concerns. Well, this one is for you. Use it wisely.   

[via TNW]