Played By: Gloria Grahame
Movie: The Big Heat (1950)

Debby Marsh has no delusions or shame about being a mobster's girl, as evidenced by her classic line, "I've been rich and I've been poor. Believe me, rich is better." She starts out engaged in a violent, masochistic relationship with syndicate second-in-command Vince Stone (Lee Marvin), but quickly ends up aligned with avenging cop and mob nemesis Dave Bannion (Glenn Ford) after Stone, fed up with her, disfigures her face with a hot pot of coffee.

This being a noir, she inevitably gets exacting revenge on Stone and helps Bannion take down the entire syndicate, with her equally rogue brand of justice. Upon crossing paths with Bertha Duncan (Jeannette Nolan), a fellow shameless benefactor of mob corruption, she shoots her fellow "sister under the mink" in cold blood. Hell hath no fury like a woman scalded and scorned.

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