You can't be sensitive when you play fighting games. If you're gonna play an adventure game, sports game, or an RPG, it doesn't matter. Go nuts! Complain about not being able to defend attacks, blame the AI for losing lives, or even blame your aging controller. Save the bitchassness for those games, but when it come to fighting games, you need a thick skin. When your friend picks his best character and he's whooping your ass for several matches straight, you have to keep playing and smiling through their glib remarks and snarky jokes about "how wack you are at this sh**!" Take every punch, every kick, and every loss, but you cannot under any circumstances lose your cool. It happens to the best of us though.

No matter how unaffected you may act throughout the onslaught, be wary that the victory quotes at the end of matches can, and will, set you off. Victory quotes are the additional insults at the end of matches to remind you of how you need to practice more or quit the game altogether because you suck.  After smashing our walls and emptying our swear jars, we've found The 100 Most Insulting Fighting Game Victory Quotes. Grab your stress balls!

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