Rovio, the world-famous gaming company behind Angry Birds, launched a new handheld product that's flying off the shelves: a soda beverage.

According to The Next Web, Rovio's recently launched "Angry Birds" branded soda has become an instant hit in Finland. The soda “is said to be outselling Coke and Pepsi in Finland.” That's right. Coke and Pepsi, two of the biggest, most storied, and most succesful beverage companies in the world. 

It's not suprise then that Rovio has dethroned the troubled Nokia as Finland's most noteable and distinguished brand. 

The "Angry Birds" soda is set to launch in New Zealand and Australia in the near future. According to Jamillah Knowles of The Next Web, Rovio's new beverage sensation,“tastes a bit like Lilt but less sugary and maybe a bit more like apples.”


Even though the soda isn't yet available worldwide, you can grab some empty soda cans to collect off eBay here

[via The Next Web