Portabee is a new 3D printer that can possibly bring the expensive technology to the mainstream. 

A couple of months back MakerBot launched a new line of 3D printers with the intention of providing affordable 3D printing capabilities the everyday user. The Replicator 2, which costs $2,199, is still a little steep for those interested in getting creative with a 3D printer.

Portabee, on the other hand, retails at the same price as a entry-level desktop computer: $500.

Portabee business lead Daniel Warner discussed the launch of the new product with Venture Beat:

“If we want to get this revolution moving, we need mass adoption. And that hinges at the moment on price. We consider our machine the first ‘laptop’ of the 3D printer era.”

Hopefully Portabee will set a new trend of companies offering cheaper 3D printers. Want to see what can kind of creations you can make with a 3D printer? Order a Portabee today here.

[via Venture Beat]