Alongside the PS Vita's PlayStation Plus update and the release of the portable system's version of Jet Set Radio today came a rather surprising addition to the PlayStation Network: Elminage Original, a dungeon-crawling RPG for the PSP that was previously not available outside of Japan. Here's the description from the press release sent out today:

Previously unreleased outside of Japan, Elminage Original entails a quest to obtain six legendary rings said to embody the strength and power of the gods. In a desperate grasp for power, a group of dark priestesses have attempted to shatter the rings' creation-the world's last protective barrier against the forces of darkness. Five of the six rings have scattered themselves across the globe as a final act of defiance, and in hopes to prevent further damage to the magical bulwark. But as the barrier fades and weakens, evil creatures have begun to seep through and threaten the once-peaceful world. However, word has spread of a prophecy foretelling a monumental reward for whoever can reunite the rings and restore the barrier once again...

Sounds riveting, no? The game is available today on the PSN store for $14.99, and though the press release sent our way doesn't mention playing Elminage on PS Vita, we'd be willing to be that that's the case. Unless there are a ton of people still playing their PSPs and jonesing for new hardcore Japanese dungeon crawlers. Who knows?

Update: We've confirmed that Elminage Original does indeed work on the PS Vita. Huzzah!