The good thing about pretending to a be a porn star is that, well, you can pretend. Amanda Seyfried knows this well. The 25-year-old plays Linda Lovelace in Lovelace, an upcoming boipic about the iconic 70s-era porn actress, and was able to avoid having to engage in real-life porn antics to get the job done.

“We were doing a scene where I was supposed to be going down on Peter Sarsgaard,” Amanda tells Vanity Fair. “We used a popsicle, and I had my arms covering the popsicle. It was footage that he was going to show the Deep Throat guy, to get her into the movie, to get her cast. I was laughing hysterically throughout. I couldn’t stop laughing.”

Now take a look at the accompanying photo spread and try to wipe that image from your head. That's right, can't do it.

[via Just Jared]