Though most of the country was fixated on the presidential election this past Tuesday, a much more interesting vote process was happening in Georgia’s 10th Congressional District, where Republican Rep. Paul Broun was running unopposed – or so he thought. It turns out that he was actually up against 19th century scientist and theorist Charles Darwin, who received an impressive 4,000 write-in votes for the seat, despite the very obvious handicap of being dead for well over a century.

According to The New York Daily News, the movement to write in Darwin’s name came after Broun proclaimed that the theory of evolution and other scientific proclamations were “lies straight from the pit of hell.” This spurred a University of Georgia professor named Jim Leebens-Mack to create a Facebook page asking people to vote for Darwin last Tuesday.

Broun easily won the seat with 16,980 votes in Athens-Clarke County, and 209,917 votes across the district, but this groundswell of support for scientific fact can’t be denied. Even if the votes for Darwin technically didn’t count because, ya know, he’s dead, this should be a sign to the rest of the country that people are ready to think logically again.

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[via New York Daily News]