Bookboard is an educational startup that gives parents and children access to a streaming library of children e-books on their iPad. 

The Burlingame, California-based company is run by former Adobe executives, Fang Chang and Nigel Pegg. Bookboard is currently in a public beta. Users have a selection of over 300 children's books from publishers Charlesbridge, Orca, Twin Sisters, Illumination Arts, and Bubblegum Books. The public beta is free to use but starting in early 2013, Bookboard will adopt a business model similar to Netflix: subscription-based access will be priced between $5 to $10.

During an interview with Paid Content, Nigel Pegg discussed his goals with Bookboard: “We want to create an addictive chain reading experience. The more kids read, the more books they unlock." 

Other companies such as Oyster and 24symbols have tried to take the crown as the "Netflix of ebooks" but found difficulty locking in publishers to its service. Bookboard however has developed a working Neflix business model for ebooks which will benefit publishers financially. According to Pegg, publishers who allow access to Bookboard streams will receive royalties based on number of pages read and “how well their content does within our platform.” 

Do you think Bookboard will succeed in becoming digital public library and turn your iPad into an educational tool for children?

[via Paid Content]