The longest we've ever gamed involved lots of redstone and Minecraft, and it lasted for most of an evening, through the night until well past sunrise. That game is addictive as hell, as man.

But that pales in comparison with the world record for longest gaming marathon, which a Sydney, AU man named Okan Kaya just broke with a 122-hour Black Ops 2 marathon. Don't get us wrong—we enjoy Black Ops 2's multiplayer as much as the next guy—but that seems a bit excessive.

Thankfully, Guinness's rules allow record attempters in this category to take a ten minute break for every hour of accumulated play time. And that stacks, when means for every six hours, Kaya could sleep for one. Four hours of sleep every 24 hours is actually pretty standard for some people. But then again, those people don't generally spend the other 20 getting score streaks and teabagging the opposition in Call of Duty.

The previous record holders, Christopher Gloyd and Timothy Bell, played Resistance for 120 hours and seven minutes. Do you think you could handle 122 hours of Black Ops 2, or any game, for that matter, even with the breaks?

[via Wired]

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