Director: Phyllida Lloyd
Stars: Meryl Streep, Jim Broadbent, Alexandra Roach, Harry Lloyd, Iain Glen, Olivia Colman, Anthony Head

Of course Meryl Streep won an Academy Award for her portrayal of Margaret Thatcher in last year's The Iron Lady. Why wouldn't she? She's Meryl fucking Streep. Simply casting her in a movie guarantees that production Oscar consideration at the least. The problem here, though, is that Streep's larger-than-life performance as the polarizing first female Prime Minister of the United Kingdom is just that—she dominates every single scene with what often verges into overly operatic acting, and it's distracting.

It's also one of the most biased, ridiculously self-serving biopics in years. Thatcher certainly has her fair share of detractors and haters, for policies that some argue promoted greed and racism towards immigrants, yet you'd never know it from The Iron Lady. Director Phyllida Lloyd's squeaky clean flick avoids confronting any of its subject's faults and opts to lazily stage one career highlight after another, usually through montages and always damaged by Streep's theatrical mannerisms.