Two attractive women getting it on for a camera generally works out well. But sometimes, when the actresses aren't into it, or the director tries too hard to stylize the moment, or the scene's context is altogether uncomfortable, things can get a little awkward. Sadly, excited male viewers' hopes have been crushed too often by failed promises of sexy women getting intense and naughty with other ladies on screen with results that could best be described as "cinematic blue balls."

The latest example of unsexy girl-on-girl action comes in the new indie flick Jack and Diane, multiple times, at that. The film stars the cute twosome of Riley Keough (as Jack) and Juno Temple (as Diane), and there's a metaphorical werewolf thing going on with Diane. They meet randomly one summer day, quickly fall in love, and have to contend with disapproving family members, the threat of a long distance relationship, and Diane's aforementioned tendency to have her intense love materialize as a lycanthropic nightmare.

In real life, individually, Temple and Keough are both beautiful young women, but together, in the emotionally flaccid Jack and Diane, their physically motivated scenes have all the heat of an icebox. Superficially, one could blame Keough's unflattering boyish haircut, but the truth of the matter is that director Bradley Rust Gray shoots their romantic interactions with little to no energy, and the actresses, seemingly following his catatonic lead, mostly enact their characters' desires with the enthusiasm of sleepwalkers.

Still reeling from the letdown of Jack and Diane's barely lukewarm lesbian scenes, we've bravely relived some equally upsetting film memories to compile the following list of 10 Girl-on-Girl Scenes in Movies that Should be Sexy but Aren't. Prepare for unbridled disappointment.

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Written by Valeriya Safronova (@vsaffron)

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