It’s not often that one would associate Tom Hanks with profane language and a blatant disregard for network standards, but during today’s Good Morning America, the usually low-key actor accidentally slipped an F-bomb on live TV. Hanks was there to promote his new movie, Cloud Atlas, when he decided to show off one of the many different accents he used during the film.

Unfortunately Hanks got a bit too carried away, and the resulting profanity sent host Elizabeth Vargas into a mini panic. The overlords at Disney don’t take too kindly to that type of language, but Hanks is Teflon at this point, and it’s not like they’re going to sit him in a corner with a bar of soap in his mouth. So watch the video above and enjoy a bit of cursing from a Disney-owned TV show. You'll likely never see it again.

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[via THR]