Sling Media yesterday unveiled two new redesigned Slingbox set-top boxes, the Slingbox 350 and Slingbox 500.

For those unfamiliar: Slingbox gives you the ability to stream live television and DVR programs to your smartphone, tablet, computer, or other set-top box like the Boxee Box.  

The basic model, the Slingbox 350, is similar to its predecessor the Slingbox Solo. Other than the redesigned body, the Slingbox 350 has improved hardware and offers higher quality video streaming, up to 1080p, on supported devices.

The other new model, the Slingbox 500, offers improved video streaming like the Slingbox 350 but comes with even more features: Wi-fi connectivity and the Slingprojector feature thats lets you stream pictures and personal videos to your television set, just like Apple's Airplay feature.

The Slingbox 350 retails at $180 while the Slingbox 500 will go for $300. Both devices will be available on October 14 on either Sling Media's website or retailers like Best Buy or Amazon.

[via Venturebeat]