Pheed, a new micro-blogging site is looking to squeeze in between Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. Hell, even Viddy and Cinegram. But the startup is hoping to find success using a slightly different path. 

Like other popular social networks, Pheed allows its users, called "Pheeders," to share all sorts of media—audio, video, images, even live broadcasts—via a Facebook-like timeline, the "Pheed."Though interesting, that's not what makes Pheed intriguing. That's comes courtesy of its business plan. It's not looking to make bank off of ad revenue. Instead, Pheed gives Pheeders the ability to charge other Pheeders to view their content, either through a monthly subscription or a pay-per-view model. Prices range from $1.99 to $34.99. Pheed splits the revenue 50/50 with the content creators. 

The company's CEO and co-founder O.D. Kobo told Mashable that he believes the future of social media is the monetization of content. "It's not fair that just platforms make money for content," said Kobo. 

The idea sounds novel, but it's very similar to the transformation YouTube has gone through over the past couple years. The Google-owned video service has started cutting deals with content creators and sharing ad-revenue with those that bring in big numbers. 

The ability to provide premium content has attracted numerous celebrities. Unlike their free Facebook fan pages, musicians like David Guetta is currently charging $4.99 to subscribe to his Pheed page, Chris Brown's Pheed page will cost fans $2.99 for a subscription. 

Would you pay to stay connected to your favorite celebrities on Pheed? Since its launch last week Pheed has already attract a million users and plans on dropping a mobile app within a week. Sign up for a free Pheed account today here.

[via Mashable]