Lena Dunham has been called a lot of things by the Internet, but this may be the first time we've ever seen her accused of having ties to the devil. But that seems to be the response that the Girls creator is getting from certain conservatives after appearing in a pro-Barack Obama ad, where she she talks about her "first time" voting in a suggestive, sexual innuendo-ripe way.

Shortly after the ad, which can be seen above, was released on the web, the conservatives began their unleashing their criticisms: Editor-at-Large of the conservative Breitbart News, John Nolte, wondered on this Twitter "How could a president with two, young blossoming daughters release an ad as disgusting as this?" and, in a tweet that's since been deleted, Minnesota Republican Part deputy chair Kelly Fenton accused the Obama camp of ties to the devil. "#MyFirstTime ad by #Obama is similar to an ad #Putin did. They must share the same advisor: #Satan #RussianStyleTactics #tcot." 

Additionally, Fox News has called the ad "vile" and "stomach-churning" - and that's just in their headline. As Gawker points out, however, this isn't the first time that a presidential campaign has used the "first time" joke, as the very Republican Ronald Reagan used it in a speech just before his landslide victory in 1980. Was it devil worship then, or just a well-intentioned joke? 

What do you think of the ad? 

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