Eric Hartsburg of Indiana, better known as Erico the wrestler from Platinum Worldwide, successfully auctioned off a 5-by-2 inch section of his face for a Mitt Romney "R" tattoo. Oh, and he got paid $15,000 to do it. The donation came from an anonymous Republican eBay user.  Hartsburg was auctioning the space off to the highest bidder, and $15,000 was an offer he couldn't refuse.

If you feel sorry for him, don't—it's what he wanted. Hartsburg, who describes himself as a "registered Republican and a Romney supporter," says the tattoo began as a joke, but now views it as a method of encouraging the youth to vote. More importantly, he wants young people to know that it's ok to vote Republican.

Vote for whoever represents you the best, but you don't have to represent for them with something permanent. On your face.

[via Gawker]