Halo 4 players who love Mountain Dew and Doritos chips are going to have an edge once the next Halo game launches in Nov., as the soda company is once again teaming up with Microsoft to give players double the in-game experience for purchasing Mountain Dew products.

You can even start accruing double XP games now, and they'll be unlocked when Halo 4 launches next month. All you have to do is register at dewxp.com, then input codes from specially marked bags of Doritos and 20-ounce bottles of Mountain Dew.

In addition, Mountan Dew's cherry citrus-flavored Mtn Dew Game Fuel soda is back this year to give more players the energy they'll need to play Halo 4 for all of those action-filled hours. Where do we sign?

Will you be ahead of the curve once Halo 4 launches?