Smith, on his and Colantonio's shared desire to make the game world feel realistic:

"We both also try to create a world that is bigger than the game. So, you know, in one single play through you have this sense, because you could have made decision B instead of A, and because you opted not to go slow here and eavesdrop on these guys, and because you didn't find this one area, and because you didn't take power X instead of Y, and because you didn't take this approach, instead took the violent approach, or whatever…you didn't read this, or you didn't look at this graffiti, or you didn't eavesdrop on these people talking, you didn't know you could do this one thing yet—because of that, you pass through the game, and you feel like—just like with an Ultima game back in the day—you feel like you touched, you know, 30 percent of it or something.

"And therefore that leaves you feeling like you're not just in a series of rooms held together by scripting, with fairly obvious boundaries. Instead it leaves you feeling like you're exploring a world, you know? It's a virtual frontier."