36-year-old Jennifer Wilcox was charged with driving under the influence—happens all the time, right? Police noticed alcohol on Wilcox's breath as they questioned her, but she denied having anything to drink. After miserably failing a breathalyzer test by blowing a .17, she admitted that she was drunk—on hand sanitizer.

Wilcox said that she regretted drinking half a bottle of hand sanitizer, and explained that she did it simply because it was there. Let's be specific, though—she drank half of a big bottle of hand sanitizer. ER doctors say that's equal to 32 shots of vodka, which would damage even the most seasoned drunk.

Wilcox was released on $500 bond, and will be back in court today. We bet that'll time she finds herself gone of that Purell.

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[via The Huffington Post]