Andy Serkis, best known for expertise in motion-capture-acting, as well as his work as second-unit director on The Hobbit, is moving on up. According to The Hollywood Reporter, Serkis is set to direct a film based on George Orwell's classic 1945 novel, Animal Farm. Staying true to his style, the film will be a motion-capture adaptation, and, according to Serkis himself, will be kept "fable-istic and [aimed at] a family audience." The book was kind of about corruption due to power, dictator Joseph Stalin and the precursors to World War II, but sure, we'll go with family movie.

Serkis continued, "We are not going to handle the politics in a heavy-handed fashion. It is going to be emotionally centered in a way that I don’t think has been seen before. The point of view that we take will be slightly different to how it is normally portrayed and the characters, We are examining this in a new light." 

Come to think of it - we can't even imagine the amount of future high schoolers who will likely watch this movie to help them write their papers for History and/or English class instead of reading the book like they should. Ha. Good one, Serkis.

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[via The Hollywood Reporter]