Appears in: Ghoulies II (1988)
Scariest moment: The most unlikable character in Ghoulies II (which says a lot) sits down to, um, unload in the bathroom of a trailer. Though we don't see what's actually happening beneath his waist (thank heavens), dude's bloodcurdling screams and the sounds of little teeth munching imply all we need to know.
Weakness: Plungers and anyone who just ate fast-food "meat."

Yes, Ghoulies was little more than a darkened ripoff of Gremlins, and the diminutive monsters themselves look ridiculously silly when viewed through the eyes of people seasoned by today's lavish visual effects. But what's scarier than something that attacks you while you're using the toilet? And we're not talking diarrhea. With their field of vision blocked below and their pants down, a potty user is vulnerable and exposed.

Too deeply thought an analysis for a scene that involves a shitter and a goofy looking demon? Perhaps. Just don't judge us for standing up while taking dropping deuces.