Original Air Date: June 25, 1997
Director: Mary Lambert
Stars: Rachel Ward, Joshua Morrow, Terry O'Quinn
Lesson Learned: Look for love outside the family.

Just as the title suggests, My Stepson, My Lover doesn't fail to deliver on the nauseating inter-generational/familial love, not that anyone who catches a glimpse of the 'stache on the husband (Terry O'Quinn) of restless nurse Caitlin Cory (Rachel Ward) can't immediately sense that it's just not gonna work out.

Once he gets neglectful to boot, it isn't long before Cory starts to notice just how dreamy her horseback riding stepson looks prancing around in slow-mo. Things advance between the two and, in typical Lifetime fashion, the cockblocking party turns up dead. Who's behind it? We'll just leave you with this: They end up paraplegic.