Worst Performances: Baywatch (TV series, 1993-1997), BASEketball (1998)

Remember this chick? Fans of Baywatch undoubtedly do, since she was the smoking hot brunette answer to chesty blondes like Pamela Anderson and Nicole Eggert. Another thing Bleeth had in common with her red-suited lifeguards, aside from huge knockers: She wasn't much of an actress. And in 1998, a year after her Baywatch tenure ended, Bleeth earned a Golden Raspberry Award nomination for the Trey Parker/Matt Stone slacker sports comedy BASEketball.

The reason why you may not remember Yasmine Bleeth probably has something to do with her now-nine-year absence from the acting community. Her last credited role was in 2003's Game Over, a straight-to-DVD release strung together from footage she shot seven years earlier. Oh, well—we'll always have that red swimsuit!

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