Director: Michele Soavi

One thing zombie movies are rarely ever called: brilliant character studies. Yet that's precisely what Italian director Michele Soavi's painfully underrated mash-up Cemetery Man is, one that's good enough to be evaluated as an amazing piece of pure cinema, regardless of its genre trappings.

Excellently portrayed by Rupert Everett, the film's main character, Francesco Dellamorte, tends to a graveyard where corpses resurrect every seven days and must be put back down by Dellamorte. It's a job that has heavily bearing tolls on the man's psyche, which doesn't help the fact that he's also looking for romantic love in all the wrong places.

Deftly balancing genuine scares, artsy visual flourishes, and a personal story that's equally heartfelt and tragic, Cemetery Man stands out amongst the pack of zombie flicks for several reasons, not the least of which is its ability to credibly exist outside the realms of horror without forsaking the genre.