If you're a victim of underemployment (like far too many post-college twenty-somethings), there's a good chance you spend your nights alone, weeping gently, empty box of Little Debbie snack cakes in one hand and a taped-together remote control in the other. Most of the numbers have worn off, but it's okay because you memorized the layout a long time ago.

Your life is like Cast Away—after Wilson gets lost. Only in this case, Wilson is all of your aspirations. You're underemployed, working in a place where your skills aren't being utilized (Deleuze didn't talk about fries), for less money than your qualifications warrant. And you might not even know it. 

Underemployed, MTV's new show for people just like you, premieres at 10 p.m. tonight. Before you tune in, take a self-assessment to see if the series is actually about you. For all of you debt-ridden intellectuals still in denial about your ill-fated employment situation, here are 10 Signs You're Underemployed.