Whether you remember the original Valiant comics from the ‘90s or not, it doesn’t matter. This new version of the brand is unlike anything that was put out before. By focusing more on stories than flashy art, the company has risen up from bankruptcy and revitalized the cult favorite characters that made it one of the highest-selling comic publishers two decades ago.

“Valiant was such a breath of fresh air during such an important time in the industry that it left an undeniable mark on a whole generation,” says Dinesh Shamdasani, co-founder and CCO. “People started calling it the ‘Valiant era,’” in reference to the company’s success in the ‘90s when many of the books easily outsold Marvel and DC on a monthly basis.

Not only is Valiant back now, but it’s caught up with the modern comic book landscape and has improved on everything the company did in the past. Valiant lover from way back will be familiar with titles like X-O Manowar, Harbinger, and Bloodshot. Though readers may notice a few changes here and there, these titles are still just as cutting-edge and action-packed as before.