Forget about Once Upon a Time and Grimm, because Fables is the only modern take on fairy tales that needs to be on TV. Bill Willingham’s whimsical comic about a community of classic fairytale characters trying to live in secret amongst humanity is Vertigo’s greatest achievement since the Sandman era, and it seems tailor-made for TV.

Fables is unique because Willingham doesn’t just write these comics like typical fantasy fare; instead, he adds real-world social and political issues into them, unlike the disposable TV competition. Characters like Snow White and Big-B Wolf are perfect for audiences to latch onto as they are both incredibly relatable as a couple, and they also have dense backstories that allow for escapism.

Watching the sprawling world of Fables slowly unfold on TV would be one of the more impressive accomplishments for a network in quite some time, and we could easily see fans of Harry Potter and Lord of the Rings following each episode with a cult-like intensity.