Ah, that young computer love.13-year-old Elizabeth Anne Robinson stole her mother's debit card and her brother's vehicle, setting out on a thousand mile journey from Texas to Kentucky to see with a 12-year-old boy that she met online. Robinson was reported missing by her parent's on Thursday morning before discovering a letter that said she had run away to a friend's house due to bullying at school. 

Robinson's mother, Tressa, remembered her daughter talking about a boy she met online and referred to as her "boyfriend." She says her daughter became isolated, preferring to stay in her room and play Call of Duty: Black Ops (she met the boy through Xbox). When her father took the console away and forbid her from associating with the boy, she decided to visit him.

Her parents tracked her by following the debit card use, and police pulled her over in Nashville on Thursday night. Her father picked her up a few hours later, but rather than take her home, he drove her to finally meet the boy, Dylan. How sweet.

[via Gawker]