With over 100 mainstream superhero titles lining the shelves of comic book stores each month, it’s getting increasingly harder to find books that actually bring something new to the genre. Thankfully, writer Scott Snyder has been churning out great books each month like Batman and Swamp Thing that make us realize that there is still plenty of life left in these older characters.

Now an online rumor has popped up claiming that DC is about to give Snyder the keys to its premier character: Superman. Apparently the book would be titled Man of Steel, which would obviously be a way to market the upcoming movie with some legitimate talent.

When asked about this rumor in an interview with ICv2, DC’s Senior Vice President of Sales, Bob Wayne, said, “I certainly won’t confirm that, but I will say that it is reasonable to assume that given the release of Man of Steel next summer, we will come up with a publishing program that will both augment and take advantage of that opportunity.”

That doesn’t sound like a denial to us, especially when DC’s Vice President of Marketing, John Cunningham, chimed in by saying, “I think that (a Scott Snyder Superman series) would be great. I’d read that.”

With director Zack Snyder (no relation) getting ready to release the highly-anticipated Man of Steel movie on June 14, 2013, putting out a comic with the same name by the industry’s hottest writer is a no-brainer. We’ll have to wait and see if this turns out to be true.

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