Forgetting to log out of Facebook can be very dangerous if a friend with a twisted sense of humor gets hold of your account. You might find some out-of-character statuses posted to your Timeline. With the newly launched Hack My Facebook website you can entertain your Facebook friends with outrageous status updates at your leisure. 

Hack My Facebook was created by University of Michigan students Raj Vir, Shiva Kilaru, and David Fontenot during a recent hackathon. To get started you just visit the site, log into your Facebook account, and choose from different categories to post fake statues. Some of the categories are include "Go Romney!" "Go Obama!" As well as "Valentine’s Day,"  "Sports Traitor," "Stupid Lyrics," "It’s Your Birthday," "Drop Out," and "It’s A Girl."

The status updates are not offensive, they do not use foul language and can be deleted once you "Unhack your  Facebook." Ready to hack your Facebook and flood your timeline with foolishness? Sign up here.

[via The Next Web