Weak, soft, and scared describe the majority of shrieking, distressed damsels in horror movies. In these same flicks, whirring power tools are strong, sharp, and fear-inducing. Put the latter in the hands of the former and you can subvert gender stereotypes, assuming the helpless little lady is able to lift the machinery and use it on someone.

One female character who has no issues putting power tool to flesh is Clara, the bride in Spanish director Paco Plaza's fantastic new horror sequel [REC] 3: Genesis. Played by Leticia Dolera, the newlywed turns a chainsaw on guests infected by a demonic virus when they go bloody ape-shit and ruin her wedding reception. Lopping off heads isn't what daddy's little girl envisioned doing on her special day, but with "happily ever after" on the line you do what you've got to do.

In honor of Clara and other badass women who swap out nail polish for nail guns when the need arises, we give you a gallery of Horror Movie Chicks with Deadly Power Tools.

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Compiled by Justin Monroe (@40yardsplash)