The game plan: A laid-back day watching a game with friends
Eating: "Something hearty and filling. A big one pot meal you can make in advance, a stew, a chili, or jambalaya. Boys need to invest in a crock-pot. There’s nothing sissy about a crock-pot. It’s a lazy-man meal-machine. You throw it all in a pot, you set a timer, you forget about it. Then you take it and throw it on the table. If you want to kick it up a notch, serve it in a bread bowl."
Drinking: "Parrot Bay frozen pouches will keep you in the game and in front of the television. And great beers. I really love Guinness, and my favorite drink to do is a black and tan. Doing a black and tan at a party on the back of a spoon is very impressive. Pour your lighter beer first and your darker beer next and it creates this perfect black and tan. It's something a lot of people assume people you can only have at a bar."
Words of wisdom: "Take the opportunity to take them places you haven’t been before."