The casualty: actor Klinton Spilsbury

Never heard of Klinton Spilsbury? Then you're clearly not one of the five or six people who'd ever admit to having seen 1981's forgotten clunker The Legend of the Lone Ranger. An attempt to expand upon the legacy of the popular 1950s TV series, director William A. Fraker's inept flick introduced, and immediately dismissed from the public eye, newcomer Klinton Spilsbury as the titular hero.

The fresh-faced actor was reportedly a nightmare to work with on the film's set. His fighting with crew members and uncontrollable disobedience left Hollywood power-players unwilling to ever cast him in anything after The Legend of the Lone Ranger.

His two Golden Raspberry Awards (for Worst Actor and Worst New Star) might've had something to do with that, too, not to mention the producers' decision to dub in another actor's voice over Spilsbury's dialogue.