Just a few days after it was determined that director Joe Carnahan's version of Daredevil was dead in the water at 20th Century Fox, the man himself posted a short "sizzle reel" from the movie that he pitched to the studio. Comprised of various movie clips and comic book panels, this test reel was meant to give studio executives a look at the tone and flavor of the movie, which would have apparently been set in Hell's Kitchen in the 1970's. You can check the video out above. 

The movie itself was rumored to be based on Frank Miller's "Born Again" storyline, and would have been much more violent than 2003's original Daredevil. But because Fox couldn't buy more time to put the movie into production before its contract with Marvel ran out, the rights to the character will revert back to the House of Ideas this October, according to Deadline. Whether or not Marvel decides to put out its own Daredevil movie remains to be seen, but if it does, we can almost assure you that it won't come close to the violent vision Carnahan had in mind.

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