Still don't believe 3D printing is the future of production? Talk to the people at Continuum. Known for producing user-designed apparel, Continuum is now getting into the shoe game under the Stvct brand. To make the shoes, Stvct will be using 3D-printing company Shapeways to produce the shoes. Users can order variations on a pump or sandal design; altering the heel size and color for a true customized product. Oh, and each pair costs $900. 

At the moment, orders can only be made through email, but the company says a web tool is in the works that will let customers build their shoes directly in their browser. To make the shoes more comfortable and actually wearable, they're given a patent leather insert and coated with textured rubber on the bottom. We're not sure who the hell would pay $900 for these shoes, but it's interesting to 3D printing being used in new applications. 

[via The Verge