Neighborhood: Midtown East
Address145 East 50th Street

Some rooftops are best enjoyed at night, when the sparkling cityscape stands out against the dark sky. That's a scene suited for no-fail romance, especially if you happen to be Upstairs at The Kimberly Hotel.

If the stunning panoramic views of midtown Manhattan don't leave her woozy with delight, the potent cocktails will. Ensure a steamy evening by ordering her their Summer Heat cocktail, which warms up Patron Reposado with fresh jalapeno and a sweet splash of ginger liqueur and pineapple. 

The cocktails are admittedly pricey, but what you spend on the drinks, you'll save on the foreplay, because everyone knows rooftops are an express route to being man-handled in the cab home. See what we're saying? Totally worth every penny!